Witchcraft can be defined as the practice of black magic with the help of different spells and invocations. It can also be described as craft practised by witches and hence called at witchcraft. In the olden days only women’s used to practice witchcraft but now even men are practising witchcraft.

In ancient times when men use to go out for work so that they can bring food in the house, women’s use to help people, take care of others in their own community and slowly they mastered the art of spells and healings and used their talents in helping or healing others and so they were called as witches.

Now witches used to either work alone or in groups that were called as covens.

Also in the past witches were not treated well and also were punished because of which they were forced to practice witchcraft secretly so that they will not get punished.

Witchcraft is not evil, it is a religion which many witches follow. Witches have learnt the art of communicating with the universe and with the help of mother nature helping all those who are in need of help specially black magic protection, protection from hexes, curses etc.

If someone wants to be a witch and practice witchcraft then they will have to follow certain rules few of them are to have firm believe in spells. They will have to be close to Mother Nature. You may make a small place in your house where you will do your spell casting and practice different spells. While spell casting you can make your own Book of Shadows that will have all your spell so that you can use them whenever you will need to cast the spells.

Regarding Witchcraft Spells you will have to cast the spells in the waxing or the waning of moon. All the destructive spells should be done at the time of waning of the moon like spells to remove negative energies, destroy hexes or curses etc. And constructive spells that requires lots of positive energies should be done in the waning of the moon like good luck spells, protection spells, lottery spells and so on.

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