Wealth Spells that Work Immediately

Do you need fast cash? It could be that you are in a financial emergency and your monthly paycheck will take a long time to come your way. It could also be that you are aspiring for a huge investment for your business and you need a lumpsum amount of wealth immediately. Well, money spells are here to help you. Some money spells do take time to deliver results but you also have money spells that work immediately.

One of the most effective wealth spells that work real fast is a one that makes a bottle charm for wealth. You will have to carry the bottle with you always so that it is able to draw money for you wherever you go and that too immediately. To do the spell, you will need – one bottle with lid, small coins, medium-sized coins, large coins, wheat flour, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks, Jamaica pepper and whole Pecans. Apart from the bottle and sesame seeds, you have to get everything in 5 as 5 is a lucky number for wealth. In case of wheat flour, get 5 tablespoons. The spell should be cast when the moon transcends from New Moon to Full Moon. Precisely, you will cast the spell in the transition phase of the moon.

It’s a simple spell. You will just need to fill up the bottle with all the ingredients mentioned above. Then, you will cap it tightly. Now, you will just shake it & utter the chant. The chant is a prayer to all the herbs to bring wealth to you. For the first few days, you will keep the bottle in southwestern corner of kitchen to draw abundance and prosperity. After the initial phase, you can carry the bottle in your bag wherever you go.

Another great wealth spell that will help you to attract wealth fast is money scullcap spell. This spell will help you to receive wealth from others. Say, you are about to receive wealth from someone or a lot of people for a long time and they were not giving it to you. With the help of wealth scullcap spell, you can make them pay you super fast.

To do the spell, you will need scullcap, small saucer, green yarn & money mist. Cinnamon oil is a great money draw oil and you can choose it for your money mist here. It’s another super easy spell. First, you will have to place scullcap in saucer and moisten with money mist. Then, you will use green yarn to tie up scullcap’s nest egg. Bind it real tight. Hang it above doorway of home or office. This way, whoever will come to your place will be surpassed by a magical desire to bring money for you.

It’s to note here that you have to develop strong visualization power to make the fast money spells work in your favor. Higher is your visualization power, faster and better will be the results. So, practice meditation to enhance your visualization power.