Magic Spells that Work Immediately

How magic spells work?
Does magic work? Well, for those uninitiated, this is one of the most common question whenever the topic of magic pops up. Now, in one line- Yes, magic does work!

The next question that comes to the fore is-“How does magic work?” Well, magic works by appealing to the mystical forces in the Universe to make them work in a desired fashion. Everything that happens to us, occurs as per the will of these natural forces. The aim of magic is to request these forces to make things work in your favor when you stumble into an unfavorable circumstance. It could be about love or money or friendship or revenge and so on.

Now, how to influence these natural forces to make them work in your favor? You do that with your energy. Put simply, magic works by creating a favorable energy around you to ensure things happen just the way you wished for. It could be that you want to win a lottery. Magic will help you to come up with the lucky combination so that you can crack the jackpot. Then, it could also be that you are bored of your solitary life and desperately looking for true love. Magic will create a favorable aura around you that will pull your true soulmate to you.

It’s to note here, magic broadly works in two ways- through positive energy and through negative energy. Magic associated with positive energy is called white magic. On the other hand, magic that evokes negative energy is called black magic.

Now, if we divulge further, magic basically works through 4 main steps.

The first one is a “strong desire”. To ensure magic works for you, you have to ensure you feel strongly about your desire that you wish to achieve through magic. As mentioned earlier, magic derives its strength from the energy of the spell caster. If you don’t feel strongly about your wish, you cannot expect to develop a strong will power for the desire.

The next step is a strong belief. You have to have faith in magic to ensure things work in your favor. If you can’t believe in magic, you cannot come up with the desired will power that we discussed above. Skepticism won’t work here. Magic is exclusively for the believers.

The third step is powerful visualization. Most of the magic spells will ask you to visualize the outcome. Stronger your visualization is, better will be the outcome. You can practice meditation to improve your visualization. In fact, powerful visualization is also a way by which you emit your strong will power around the nature.

The fourth step is your sincere efforts. Say you want to resolve marital conflict and bring back the earlier happy conjugal days in your life. Magic will obviously create a positive aura to make situations favorable for you. But you too have to put some effort on your end. Don’t expect magic to do everything for you if you keep on harnessing your ego and are not ready to make adjustments or amendments with your spouse.

Real magic has always drawn immense amount of awe and wonder since time immemorial. It’s an ancient art that is being carried on through ages. You will find the mention of real magic in all the archaic cultures of the world from Persia to India to Egypt.

So, how does real magic work? Well, real magic is commonly referred to as dark magic. Thus, we can infer that real magic works by drawing powers from the negative natural forces. Dark magic is all about causing harm to people. It counts on evil powers, evil spirits and Satan’s energy to achieve negative outcomes. Theoretically, real magic is based on certain basic forces. These are Strong Gravity, Weak Gravity, Natural Command, Weak or poor nuclear power, Strong nuclear power, Electromagnetism and Supernatural Forces.

Real magic is usually manifested through spells. Say you want to harm somebody. Hurting someone is never ethical. But if the person is causing harm to you deliberately then you have the right to teach him or her a lesson. So, how do you harm that person with real magic? You perform a spell at your home which consequently gives rise to negative energy. Then, you request the spell to pass the negative energy to the victim to hurt him or her. Real Magic spells usually send prayers to Lucifer or Satan to achieve the desired result.

There are various kinds of real magic spells. One is definitely hurt spells. Another very crucial real magic spell is death spell. In this case, you don’t directly go and kill somebody. You cast the real magic spell at your home. It sends negative energy to the person and traps him into sickness. The victim becomes terminally ill and gradually dies.

Other important real magic spells are nightmare spells, revenge spells and bad luck spells. Sometimes, real magic is also used to remove a real magic hex from someone. Negative forces are extremely powerful. So, only an equally powerful negative energy can help to get rid of an evil hex.

A Voodoo doll is a significant aspect of a number of real magic spells. It’s a doll which the spellcaster has to make on his/her own and the doll represents the victim. While performing the spell, you have to inflict the curse on the doll. And it will affect the victim. Some real magic rituals need you to plant the doll or any symbol that represents the victim near the victim’s place. But in many cases, you don’t need to put so much effort. You just cast the real magic spell on your Voodoo doll and then keep it safely on your altar.

It’s to stress here that real magic is strong and dangerous. Any wrong move can put your entire life to jeopardy. Besides, always remember, real magic follows the principle of karma. The Law of Karma says whatever you do comes back to you in 3 fold. If you harm somebody, you will have to bear the consequences. Thus, be very sure when you are about to cast a real magic spell.