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Love Spells are powerful and if you want the love spell to work for you then it is very important that you are positive and confident about yourself. Then only you will be able to emit lots of positive energy along with the power of the love spell to the universe which in return will reward you also. Remember if you are not positive then don't cast any spells. Let a professional cast the love spell for you, in that case I will cast the spell on your behalf. Now spells best love spells for marriage, love, couple. Try love spells that work in 24 hours. Find out how to cast love spells with pictures, love spells with candles.

Love Spell will emit energies into the universe and you will see that nature and universe will all help you to get your desired love back to you and your lover to love you more than before.
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There are a number of love spells like Attraction Love Spell, Bring Back Lost Love Spell, Sexual Magic Love Spell and so on. Remember always let a professional cast serious spells for you so that you will always be safe also and at the same time spell casting of the spells will also be done. So need a spell, looking for a love spell, contact me and I will cast the love spell as per your wants and needs. Love Spells, Love Charms, Love Talismans will do wonder for your Love Life. Cast Love Spells to attract Love, Get Love Back

One more thing I will say, if you are not sure or if you are not positive then don't cast the spell yourself or it may backfire and you may make things more complicated. In that case email me and I will cast the love spells on your behalf so if you are not positive then don't take chances. Thinking how to get your dream love ? Try Free Love Spells of Nowspells. Our Love Spells, Love Talismans, Love Charms will help to bring your love back in your way. Inquire us at for love spells.


This is a very simple and easy love spell and any one can do. This is easy because you don't have to remember any chants or require any materials or ingredients. You need to take a white paper and on the paper write your name, your mother's name, and the name of the person you love and his mother's name.

While writing the names on the paper see that proper positive energies are used and your intentions are clear as why you are doing the spell casting. Once this is done fold the paper and just keep concentrating that the person you love should come with you. Then slightly burn the paper so that it becomes light brown. Then take a small pouch and put the burnt paper in the small pouch and tie it with a red string.

Keep this pouch with you and you will see that the person you love is getting attracted to you and also coming to you. Love Spells of Now Spells. Cast Free Love Spells Today. Our Love Spells will help to bring Love in your way. Special love spells for Married Couple to Bring Intimacy. Bring Love Back with help of Love Spells. Want your love with you ? Try Free Love Spells of Now Spells. We cast free love spells for your love problems. Our love spells will bring your love back. We have love spells which bind lover together forever. Inquire us at for free love talismans, love charms, love spells.


Need to cast a free love spell, try this simple yet effective and strong love spell. You will need 2 Pink candles, as pink resembles love. On one candle write your name and the other candle write the name of the person you love.

Light the candles at the same time and start taking the name of your love loudly 100 times and while doing this you need to do lots of meditation and emit lots of positive energy as you need to send very positive energies to the universe.

If the spell casting is done the correct way then you will soon get the result and you will see that your love is communicating with you and also will show lots of interest in you..


Need to cast strong and powerful love spells that works and gives results fast and instant then try this powerful and simple love spell. As I have said before that for the love spell to work keep your intentions clear and think positive, also don't let negative thoughts to come to your mind. You will need 20 rose petals.

On each petal writhe the name of the person you love. Once this is done take any flowering pot and burry the petals in the pot. Remember to water the pot daily. Slowly the person you love will come back to you.


This is again a strong and powerful love spell that you can do in your own house.
You will need your picture and the picture of your lover. Stick both the pictures together and then chant 100 times MORE MILAN ANANTAM MILE. You may do this for 40 days and you will see that the person you love will start loving you more and will get more and more attracted to you.


Voodoo is a very strong power and if spell casting is done the correct way then surely you will be able to get the results immediately and quickly. Sometimes spells do give instant results also. You will need to make 2 dolls of clay. On first doll write your name and the second doll write the name of your lover. The stick both the dolls together and tie the dolls with a red lace or string, Once this is done then chant the words MUJHE MERA MOPANNA NOAH ADAM 40 times every day with the voodoo doll in your right hand. After you have finished chanting then keep the dolls in your room safely. Slowly you will see that the person you want or wish will start getting attracted to you and will be with you forever.


Love Spells are real and powerful and if spell casting is done the correct way then you can see having miracles in your love relation. This love spell works with your sub conscious mind power and so it is very important that your mind is positive and ready to send lots of positive energies in the universe. You will need 40 hair strands of the person you love. Once you have the hair strand then stand new a river or a see, take one strand of hair every day and catch the strand with your right hand and chant these words OAH MOAH YOAH NUMA and then take the name of the person you love. After that blow the strand of hair in the air and let it go. You will have to do this for 40 days and within 40 days your love will return to you.


Need to bind your lover, or attract your lover towards you, need to get the attention and attraction of your lover then you can go for this strong and powerful Binding Love Spell. You will need any type of belongings of the person you love like cloth piece, hair or anything belonging to your lover. You will have to take a small box, put the belongings in the box. Take few strands of your hair and put it in the box. Every night you may keep the box close to your heart and chant these words NOLL KOLAM LOVE ANAMANT. Chant these words 100 times and keep in your mind that your lover should be bind to you and will never leave you. You may never open the box and always keep it close to you, soon the person you love will always think of you, your thoughts will always be in your lovers mind and your love will never leave you.

WHITE MAGIC SPELLS, White magic love spells.

White magic spells are very safe and they will never back fire. You may cast these spells without any worry as this spell is very safe and is sure to give you fast and immediate results. You will need to make plain rice and once the rice is ready, chant these words ________ (name of the person you love) MILI ABHI AARAKAM MAHOL ________ (your name). You may chant these words 200 times and make your lover eat the food. You may try to do this for 40 days. After 40 days your lover will get crazy for you. He or she will never even think of leaving you and you will be happy in your love relation.


When all your attempts to get your love fails and there is no option left; and you feel that you are losing your love, or your lover is not giving you any more importance then you may go for the Black Magic Love Spell. You will need your picture and the picture of the person you love. Stick both the pictures together. Then you will have to go to any old cemetery and burry the pictures in the mud. Remember that don't forget the place where you are hiding the picture. Then at that place you may chant these words 100 times for 40 days. The chant is KHOONI ALAMPAA KABAR KAAM HOIE. While doing this you will notice that your lost love is coming back to you, the person who was ignoring you will stop avoiding you and will come back to you and you will be able to enjoy a happy loving relation.


Are you upset, sad or depressed that your loved one is away from you, or the person you love is with someone else, have you lost your lover to some other person then you can go for this strong and powerful Lost Love Spell. You will have to cast this spell in the night after sun set. You will need 40 pebbles to cast this spell. On each pebble you will chant these words MERA LOVE AMANUSH ANANTA PAIGAAM. On each pebble you may chant these words 300 times and keep the pebble with you. Like this you will have to collect all the 40 pebbles. When you will start collecting the pebbles you will start noticing that your lost love will start communicating with you and where ever he or she is will come back to you.


This reunite lover's spell, will bring the 2 lovers together and they will always live like soul mates. You will need one red candle and one green candle. On the red candle you may write the name of your lover and on the green candle you may write your name. In the night after sun set you will have to cast this spell. You will anoint the candles with sandal and then burn the candles. While the candles are being burnt say these words MILAN MITRAN MOKSHA PAREN. You may chant these words with full concentration and as the days goes by you will notice that your lover will bind towards you in such a way that he or she will never leave you. He or she will always love you more and more and as the days go by you will see that you and your lover have turned into soul mates. Reuniting Love Spells has worked for many and so will work for you also.


Need your lover to turn into your soul mate. Do you feel that you are not getting the love from your lover that you are looking for? Are you unsecured about your love relation, do you feel that your lover is going away from you then you may go for this powerful soul mate spell and attract your lover to you forever. Remember is you are not sure about your relation the don't cast this spell. Take a bowl and put cooked corns in the bowl. Then take 40 rose petals and on each petal you may chant these words NOTAM KOTAM MILAM TAILAM. Then you may mix the petals with cooked corns. Then you and your love may eat the corns equally. This spell will change your life, and your lover will turn into your soul mate.


You may cast this strong and powerful BREAKUP LOVE SPELL, if you feel that you are not happy in your love relation but again you are not able to leave the relation due to some unknown reasons, or you can also cast this spell on the behalf of your friend, or if you need to break up a couple, also you can cast this breakup spell or anti love spell for your friend who you feel will be happy if he or she is free from a love relation. You will have to take a Black Candle. On the black candle write the name of the couple who you want to separate, Anoint the candle with rose perfume. Then chant these words MERA DUSHMAN ZER HOI ANANTKAAL TAK and keep burning the candle, you may repeat this for 40 days and within the 40 days the couple will be separated for ever.


These are very strong and powerful Love Chants that are very easy yet strong and powerful. By the power of these Love Spells Chant you can get back your lost lover, you can attract your lover, get back lost lover, get the attraction of your loved one. Bind your lover now with the help of these powerful Love Spells Chant. Here you don't need any materials or ingredients. You will need lots of concentration and positive energy. Firstly you may keep in your mind the name of your lover whom you want and wish. The constantly chant these words WO MERA HOIE AAKA.

The more you will chant these words faster you will see the results and the person you love will be with you. It is important that while spell casting don't let any negative thoughts to come to your mind, or this spell can back fire also so please take care while spell casting spells and that also love spells. Love spells also known as binding love spells. Love Spells work for many purpose including bring back your love, attract new love, remove difference between couple and create intimacy of love.


Candle love Spells have proved very effective in looking for a new love or rekindle an old love relation, need to get back your lost love or need your lover to be faithful and honest to you, these love spells are very simple and if correct amount of positive energy is used then the results will be amazing and you will be able to achieve success in what you are looking for.
You will need 6 red candles. The spell casting should be done in the morning after sun rise. On each candle you will write your name and the name of your love. Make a small circle with the candles; it is important that you may anoint the candles with rose oil or rose perfume. Once this is done you may light the candles and chant these words loudly and focus and put lost of concentration on the positive energies that you will emit, looking at the sky chant these words loudly 40 times ZAR HAR WHO TOH SHO HO. While doing this you will be sending lots of positive energy to the universe and the result will be very strong and positive in your favor.

Love spells are being practiced for centuries given their amazing power to make one experience the pure bliss of love. Whether you want to attract somebody towards you or looking to find your true soulmate in life, the love spells are there for all. They can do wonders while done correctly but then could mean negative side kicks or completely futile attempts if you are not exactly sure of how to perform them. The post below offers some insights to keep in mind while performing the love spells.

Cleansing is really important when you are about to cast a love spell. It implies thorough cleansing of the place where you are about to cast the spell and your personal cleansing as well. It could mean taking a bath before casting the spell in most of the cases. Also, make sure to put on fresh or new clothes. Make sure nobody disturbs you while performing the spell.

There are certain shades that play a significant role in love spells. The color red is the most important here as it tunes with the strong emotions of lust and passion. Pink is another major color here as it speaks of the sweet adorable and nurturing shades of romance.

Other colors are green and white. While green signifies a link with nature, white speaks of the innocence found in true love. You might need candles in these colors while performing the love spells. When you are using candles, do not blow them off when the ritual is over. They should be left to burn down on their own.

You should also understand the importance of herbs in love spells as some of the spells would involve certain specific herbs. The major herbs used here are lavender, vervain, Druids, caraway, fennel and cinnamon. Some of the promote libido and vigor while some are all about love & sexual fulfillment. While some herbs are more focused on romantic bond or attraction, some are mostly about the passionate side of the love.

Then, you might need some personal items while casting the love spell. If you are doing it based on a specific person, like your crush or ex, you have to use elements related to him. These could be a photograph of the person or something the exclusively belongs to that person- such as a strand of hair, a letter, a patch of cloth that he wears often and so on. It’s better to keep aggressive items at bay like ropes, knives, needles etc. as such objects might bring some undesirable spin to your ritual.

One of the most primal emotions, love can make or break a life. There is nothing worse than a loveless life and every one of us craves to live happily ever after with the person we dote. Blessed are those who have found an easy road to love but then not all are that lucky. And, this is where the love spells come in. No, these spells won’t bring your crush right at your doorstep but will influence the positive energy around you to create the desired romantic outcome as you wish it to be.

One of the most widely used love spell is the one to find a new love. To do the spell, you would need blank paper, envelope, red marker, red lipstick, rose petals and your favorite perfume. Make sure that the petals are fresh. You have to perform the spell on Friday night. Start the spell by writing down your desired qualities in your partner on the paper with your red marker. Don’t go for unrealistic attributes. Never use names. Spray the perfume on the paper & fold it inside the envelope. Take up the petals & visualize yourself romancing with your ideal mate. Imagine happy joyous moments. Then, put all the petals inside envelope & seal it up. Put on the lipstick & kiss on the back of your envelope. Store the whole thing in someplace secure & do not open it. After you find your mate, just burn down the envelope.

Another love spell is herbal box spell. To do the spell, you would need a little box with lid, quartz, vanilla bean, rose petals, damiana root, lavender buds, ground cinnamon & white paper. Mix up the herbs and flowers together inside the box. Don’t use the entire proportion of herbs here. Now, write down 5 realistic qualities you desire in your new mate on the paper. Focus on the personality traits rather than the physical ones. Now, fold up the paper & tuck it inside the box. Fill up the box with the remaining herbs & place the crystal on them neatly. Now, just close the box. Make sure to open the lid every night to get a sniff of the mix till you find the true love.

Love spells are not just about pulling in new love. You can also use these spells to reunite with your lost flame. One of the best lost love spells is compass of love spell. To do the spell, you would need 1 compass, rose petals, dried rosemary, white silk and lodestone or hematite. The compass must have magnetic needle. No, the compass app or your GPS device won’t work here. Begin the magic by placing compass on altar table. You must sit facing west while casting the spell. Now, cast your spell. It’s a prayer to all the directions to find you your lost love. As you finish the chant, sprinkle rosemary & rose petals in a circle around your compass. Now, use the white silk to cover the whole thing. Place the stone right on it & chant the spell again. You will see results in 3 days.

When it comes to the day to perform the love spells, the spell casters often prefer Friday as it’s day of Frigga, the famous Norse goddess. These spells are mostly advised to perform in the dark, especially during the waxing moon.

Utmost concentration is really important when you are practicing the love spells. If it’s a person that you are zeroing on, have your 100% concentration on him. You can practice meditation beforehand to enhance your level of concentration. Contact us for Magic Spells, Money Spells, Love Spells, White Magic Spells, Black Magic Spells

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