Mind Reading Spells

Mind reading Spells
Do you not find it intriguing, to know what other people might be thinking of you? Have you ever wondered how it is like to see yourself through the perspective of others? If yes, then there is a way to make certain of that – mind reading spells. These spells will allow you to read the inner thoughts of a person right in front of you like an open book. The spell will not let you read the exact impressions of another person but instead give you an overview of this thoughts.

You can also use this hex to delimit others from being able to know what you have inside your head.
Mind reading spells require a lionhearted caster, who can find out the real truth dwelling inside another person, through solid meditation. These kinds of spells can be very disturbing as you may find out things which you would have rather not known about, in the first place. So, consider your decision a multiple number of times before you make an attempt.

Your first attempt as a mind reading spell caster might be unsuccessful. That is not something to be disheartened about. With years of practice you can easily master the art and perform various types of mind reading incantations. In the meantime you can make use of some easy going tricks, such as a mind controlling spell. It will help you to control someone’s mind. To perform the task, you need to have 4 candles of blue, red, green and white color, a dark and soundproof room, a lighter and the picture of the person whom you would like to control. Firstly you need to place the 4 differently colored candles in a triangle, then light them. Chant to the gods and goddesses and plea them to let you control that other person’s mind. After that, take a good nap. By dawn all the candles will be out and you will be able to control the mental state of your desired person. Use it every time you feel that someone is hiding her thoughts about you, or may be lying to you for a specific cause.

Another mind boggling mind reading technique is telepathy. This ritual gets better the more you keep on practicing it. As a caster, you need to be concentrated and focused with your spells; also get hold of a friend who believes in your magical abilities. Once you are ready to perform the chant, ask your friend to keep his thoughts clear of unwanted circumstances. Imagine that you are transferring your thoughts to that friend. After you are done, ask your friend what you have been thinking. Keep on practicing with the process till you get it right.

When you get aquatinted with the mind reading tricks and spells, use the powers wisely and try not to disclose the secrets. Keep a very honest and open mind during the ritual as a spell performed with wrong intentions can cause a severe effect to the caster. Inquire and prepare yourself repeatedly till you actually proceed with the spell. It would not hurt to have a prudent mind, with an incantation as empowering as the mind reading spell is.

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