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Marriage Spell


A marriage spell is one of those spells where you have to be careful and cautious. With the help of this one can be sure to get eternally bound with their loved one, and can also prevent their love from breaking apart. These spells should not be used casually as they are influential and will link you with your lover. In order to perform this you must imagine the proposal. Include all the details into your mind’s vision like clothing, location, background and energy. You can start for the spell as soon as you have the image of the proposal. Given are the lists of items.


  • Red and pink candle of any size
  • Ylang-ylang incense or oil
  • Red or pink square piece of cloth
  • You must get a big ring especially a napkin ring
  • You should also have a personal possession of the person you want to marry, say- a few strands of hair, watch, sweater or any item that is of personal value to the person


You must being this spell on a Friday, that should be a week before the happening of a full moon. The proceedings of the spell should go on for seven continuous nights and the final night should end on a full moon. You now need to light up the area of your spell with red and pink candles. The room must be purified by burning Ylang-ylang oil. You must create a holy space for yourself that might include playing a soft music symbolic of love and togetherness.


Now you have to pass the personal item of your loved one across the smoke or through the flame of the candle. Believe in the thought of getting a proposal for marriage from the person’s side. Same should be done with the napkin ring imagining the proposal actually coming to you and dreaming about the scene. Ponder about the feelings that will come to you on such an occasion and live that moment.


The personal item should be wrapped around the ring and recite this spell thereafter: bearing the love in my spirit with all the love that is in yours, I invite the strengths of the Earth and the Stars for bringing forward the proposal I want, the engagement I desire to happen and together in the path of marriage we shall stand with all the powers of thrice its strength as I will and so let it be!


After this spell, you should wrap the personal possession in a red cloth and conceal it under the bed on the side of your partner. This must be repeated for seven continuous nights. At the end of the seventh night all the items used must be buried under a rose bush. You must walk away from this place without looking back. Avoid nearing this place for about three months and after you have received the offer you had prayed for, you must come to this bush again and give it an offering.

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