Money Spells that work InstantlyMoney Spells with Green Candles

Money Spells with Green Candles
Candles are one of the most vital aspects of any spell. However, not all candles can be used for every magic. Specific colors are used for specific spells. For example, when it comes to money spells, green is the most chosen color. The particular shade stands for wealth, prosperity and abundance. Also, green is the color for new beginnings. So, when you have to revive your decaying financial condition and transform it into something positive- green candle spell is the thing for you.

Almost all the money spells are performed with green candle. Sometimes, the entire ritual is done with only one green candle while at times, green candle is used in conjunction with candles of other colors. But no candle money spell is complete without a green colored one.

There is a wide range of money spells that use green candles. One of them is the one which is done with green candle and green paper. Both the candle and paper used for the spell must be virgin & fresh pieces.

First, you will take a virgin green candle and anoint it properly with oil. You can use lavender oil here as lavender is a primary ingredient in most of the money spells. You can even use cinnamon oil. But make sure you have a liking for the oil you use. It’s because, the anointment is needed to transfer some of your personal energy into the candle. It is not possible if you don’t have a liking for the oil. Then, get the paper and note down your desire for money, fortune and prosperity. While writing it, be completely focused on your desires. Now, light up your candle & visualize all your desires coming to life. Be extremely focused with the visualization. Concentrate on the candle flame to zero in on your thoughts. Make sure to free your mind from other distractions and negative thoughts before you start the spell.

After you are done with visualization, fold your paper & place it into the flames. As it gets lit up, put it on ashtray or some fire-proof vessel. Don’t snub the fire. It should be left to burn completely. The candle should continue to burn till it goes off naturally.
There is another widely practiced money spell with green candle which uses another candle as well. The other candle that you will use here is a metallic gold one. It’s a very easy spell to amp up wealth & prosperity in your life. You have to cast the spell on waning moon phase and on Thursday. A lot of money spells are cast on Thursdays as it’s the most favorable day for abundance and prosperity.
First, you will charge up the two candles with own energy. Rub money oil on them and as you do it, visualize your energy passing to these candles. Then, carve two words on these candles- “prosperity” and “money”. Close eyes and fully concentrate on a healthy visualization. Imagine yourself in wealth and fortune. They pray to these candles to attract wealth to you. Finally, put out your candles.

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Money Spells For Beginners.Money Spells that work Instantly

Money Spells For Beginners
Money spells are some of the most practiced spells ever. After all, it’s the money that makes the world go round. These spells are great to bring the needed positivity in life, blocking off the negativities which prevent money from coming. Are you too planning to cast money spell to improve your fortune? That’s good. But if you haven’t cast money spell ever, it’s better to start with easy ones. There is a wide range of money spells for beginners to choose from.

One of them is the one with birch bark. To do the spell, you would need – birch bark (white), pen and pencil. You will have to write down your heart’s desire (read money goals) on the bark. Make sure to write down a specific amount. This magic is great when you need urgent cash flow for some sudden or special expense. Let’s say – sudden medical bills or a tour with buddies. After you have written down your wish, just place the bark on some stone. You have to place it somewhere the bark has no threat to catch fire. Now, you will ignite it. As it starts to get into flames, thank the Gods 3 times and go back to your home. However, while the bark is in ignition, you have to visualize that you already have that desired sum of cash right into bank account. If you are proper with all the steps mentioned above, you will soon have money coming to your life. And yes, the spell must be performed on a full moon night.

Then, there is another easy money spell which is done with a 2p copper coin. To do the spell, you would need- white/green candle, 1 cup water, hair strand (yours) and of course the copper coin. The spell must be performed on some Thursday.

First, you will have to visualize a steady flow of money in your life. Visualization is a vital thing in any spell, including money spell. When you visualize with full concentration, you are bringing up your energy. Energy is very powerful and the success of your spell depends largely on well you can visualize. Now, as you go on with your visualization, light up your candle. But before you ignite it, carve “money” on the body of the candle. Then, burn your hair strands in the candle flame & also melt your copper coin in it. As they burn, you will utter your chant. It’s a prayer to the Gods of wealth to make you richer & richer. After you are done with the chant, get the remaining part of the hair & coin & soak them in water for around five minutes. You will have to carry both of them in your wallet for minimum ten months.

It’s to note here that beginners are often very skeptical about spells. That’s natural. But you should know that spells actually work only if you have faith in them. So, put all your faith when you perform the spells to ensure everything works in your favor.

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Money Spells that work Instantly

Money Spells That Work Instantly

Money might not be everything in life but it’s one of the most important aspects of survival. Ask the man who is passing through financial woes of late. The modern age is defined by sky-rocket prices and heightened aspirations. Such a situation certainly calls for a bustling fiscal life. But the God of wealth does not shower his blessings equally. There are times when you will see a person of your age, industry, talent and designation is earning more than you are and that’s any day frustrating.

But not to worry, you have money spells to help you out. The best part is that some of the money spells work instantly to assure you immediate results. These spells will be great when you are passing through a bad cash crisis and urgently need some steady cash flow to improve your situation.

One of the money spells that work instantly is performed on a full moon night. To do the spell, you would need- altar candle, green candle, God & Goddess candle, lodestone oil, cloves, cinnamon and money incense. You have to perform it for 3 nights- three nights prior to full moon, on full moon night & 3 nights post full moon. Take your ritual bath in candlelight with money bathing salts. Go into your bathtub. Have it filled with water beforehand. When you are in water, cast your circle. Then, light up all the candles. Try to invoke the Gods. Then, anoint your green candle with the lodestone oil and start to visualize that you are placing your entire energy in the candle. You have to visualize in a way as if the desired situation is actually existent. It means you will imagine yourself to be enjoying a goof flow of money in your life. Visualization is crucial in any magic ritual as that’s how the energy is transferred. Finally you will rub the green candle with cloves and cinnamon. Then burn the money incense. You will see the results soon.

Another fast resulting money spell is lavender money spell. To do this you will need- one conjure bag and 7 different money pieces. For example- nickel, penny, dime, half dollar, quarter, one $5 and one $1 bill. All the money pieces must have a touch of lavender. Put everything inside your conjure bag. You have to carry the bag along with for 7 days & the money must multiply 7x. So, altogether you will receive a dandy sum of $41.46.

Now a lot of people have misconceptions about the money spells that work instantly. They feel that a spell would literally bring money to their door. Basically, you must understand the basic conception of money spells here. These spells are not meant to clear the negative energy around you that’s causing hindrance to the desired cash flow. They will surround your life with positivity to create favorable situations for you. But if you rest everything in the hand of spells and stop your own hard work- you will never see the face of money.

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